How a Phoenix Spray Up System Pays for Itself

In Manufacturing Time is Money. If you are hand mixing you can save Money with a Spray System. Spray Up is typically 12 Times Faster than Hand Lay. Here’s How:

Reduced Material Costs

You will only mix as much material as you need.  No more throwing out unused material at the end of the day.  Get rid of all those buckets and cans. You can buy in bulk as well.

Less Clean Up Solvents

Only your parts will come in contact with the mixed material.  With an external mix system, no need to flush out the entire pump system. Saves you Time and therefore Money

Consistent Material Quality

Stop guessing when measuring and you can improve output, cut material waste and reduce rework.  The positive displacement pumps mix accurately the percentage of catalyst to resin.

Easy to Operate

System runs right out of the box with fast setup time. Everything you need to begin spraying is included.

Reduced Maintenance

These systems are user friendly, easy to breakdown pumps with pull pin technology and have been engineered for fast rebuilds.