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Fiberglass Chopper Systems

Multi-Color Gelcoaters are available in 1 to 8 Colors. Can also be set up with a Wetout/Chop Pump on the same system. Uses the Phoenix 5000 Gun with the change of a cap and Tip. Save money by using the same air motor with muti functions.

Are you being Quoted extended lead time for standard Gelcoaters, Choppers or WetOut Systems?  Phoenix current lead time is 1-2 weeks on standard systems. In a hurry? Ask about 48 Hour Turn Around

Fiberglass Strand Chopper


What Makes Us Different From All the Other Equipment Manufacturers?

Composites Applicators

Over the years, it became apparent that there was a need for spray equipment to be re-examined and modified to serve the needs of today’s fiberglass fabricator.  Rather than just altering existing equipment, Phoenix decided to offer new, simple designs that allowed the fabricator lower cost alternatives to the antiquated designs of the other equipment suppliers.

In 1998, this goal was accomplished when Phoenix’s new product line was introduced to the Industry.  The immediate and enthusiastic response from the fabricators reinforced Phoenix’s belief that simple designs and higher quality were necessary to insure the future of sprayed fiberglass products.  Since that time, we have continually improved our designs to bring the fabricator the most up to date, reliable systems in the industry.  



The LF-1 has proven itself to be the perfect system for the fiberglass beginner, the small shop, the repair shop or any shop who needs multiple systems without the cost of larger systems. 


Plural Component Sprayer Chopper


Our standard 5000 gun is being used by manufacturers worldwide, and is easily rebuildable and can be used for RTM, Wetout, Chop or Gelcoat with the change of the front cap and tip.

Resin Impregnator

Resin & Glass Monitoring

Material monitor visually informs the operator of material output in actual pounds or gallons.


The Polaris System is The First 2-Component System Developed With The Operator… and the Maintenance Supervisor in Mind! Simple and Maintenance-Free

Resin Impregnator

Resin Impregnators

The Phoenix Resin Impregnator offers quality control and material management. This unit is a product of many requests from our customers for a better way to wet out glass fabric more efficiently.Quality Control ,Cost Savings, proper maintaining 


Glass Roving Impregnator

The Phoenix PI-1240 Has Been Specially Designed to WetOut Glass Fibers With A Predetermined Amount of Resin Using Very Simple and Proven Techniques Lift the glass comb in order to properly place the glass

Training Videos

From first time users to fully experienced, we are here to help! Our equipment is designed with the operator in mind. Below videos from initial
set up to rebuilding our systems. Any additional information, please feel free to contact 727-393-1818.


After all you are the barometer as to how our products are working in the field. Our Systems are the easiest to use, the best
built and most well thought-out systems in the industry.

Fiberglass Chop Gun

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