LF-1 Our Most Affordable System

The LF-1 has proven itself to be the perfect system for the fiberglass beginner, the small shop, the repair shop or any shop who needs multiple systems without the cost of larger systems.  It can do anything the big boys do.  In use worldwide.

1.  Quality in A Small Package

2.  Dependable Stainless Steel Resin and Catalyst Pumps

3.  Use With 5 Gal Pail or 55 Gal Drum

4.  Wetout/Chop, RTM or Gelcoat


RTM, Gelcoat or Chop


  • 15:1 Power Ratio
  • 1″ Pump Shaft
  • 75ML per Cycle (4.5 Liters per Minute)
  • All Stainless Steel Fluid Sections for Durability
  • 0.75 to 3.0% Catalyst Ratio
  • Internal or External Mix Available
  • Compact, Efficient Design
  • Common Shaft for Air Motor/Fluid Pump for Improved Seal Life and Fewer Repair Parts
  • Easily Accessed Control System for Ease of Maintenance
  • Lightweight for Ease of Transportation
  • Small and Powerful
  • 5 Meter Hose Set (15 Feet)
  • Flush Tank Included With Internal Mix
  • Multiple Tips Available
  • Phoenix 5000 Gun


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