Multi Color Gelcoater

Can be configured as a Two (or more) Color Gelcoater, Wetout and Gelcoater or Chopper and Gelcoater
Separate Quick Connect Hose for Each Color

Available in 3 Different Pump Ratios – 8:1,13:1 and 20:1
any combination of 2.4 GPM Stainless Steel Fluid Pump OR a 3.7 GPM Stainless Steel Fluid Pump.

System Can Be Configured For External Or Internal Mix…The Choice Is Yours!

“Phoenix 5000” Non-Atomized Spray Gun, The Multi System Is THE Choice For All Your Applications.


System Includes

  • Separate Quick Connect Hose for Each Color
  • Hose “Phoenix 5000” External or Internal Gun
  • Low Emission Package
  • Dual Resin Pump Quick Pin Disassembly
  • Long Wearing Pump Seals
  • “OptiSlave” Catalyst Slave System
  • Micro-Adjustable Dispense Percentage
  • Stainless Steel Catalyst Pump
  • “No-Leak” Upper Seal
  • Hardened Components
  • Easy Access Control Valve
  • Anti-Clog “Opticutter” Glass Chopper ( With Chopper System)
  • Several Mounting Options Available
  • Spare Parts Kit w/ Full Color Manual
  • 1 Year Warranty
  • Cart is Included with Systems with 3 Pumps or More


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